Monday, September 1, 2014

My pregnancy goals evaluated

My goals with this pregnancy were:

1.       Gain a NORMAL amount of weight 25-35lb. (Not 52)
2.       Be able to wear my wedding rings the entire time. Or maybe just passed week 26.
3.       Fit in my combat boots longer than week 17/18.
4.       No overeating.
5.       Watch my sodium intake.

My results were:

1.       I gained 39 pound
2.       I wore my wedding rings until the very end
3.       I wore my combat boots to work until my boss told me to stop coming to work at 39 weeks.
4.       I didn’t overeat.
5.       Sodium wasn’t an issue. I didn’t want a lot of salty things. I wanted sweet and healthy things: fruits etc.
I certainly was happy with my overall health this time around.  I'm currently 13 weeks post partum.  I have 5 pounds more to lose.  I feel great. :)

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