Friday, May 31, 2013

It's been a while!

     Wow!  My last post was in March!  I have been sooooo busy... work, school, being a momma... Man!
     Well, my sweet husband finished the first part of his training, early on in this month.  I went to see him for the weekend and it was great!  I was able to watch him be awarded two awards as well!  And now it's nice that now we can skype and talk at night. :) 
Love this man!
     I finished my current classes for college. Yay!!  And the best part of it is that even though I turned in one of my final papers late... wait for it.... I GOT A's IN BOTH CLASSES!! Woooooo!!  That is a surprise.  I thought I'd get a B for sure with that late paper.  I only have 3 classes and a seminar to finish now.  It feels good.  My current GPA is 3.36.  I'm ok with that. :)
     My sweet boy has decided that now he mostly "just wants to snuggle with me ont he couch."  What kind ofmom would I be to say no to that?  He is adorable!!  We have a friend staying with us for a little while with her little guy.  He doesn't like to snuggle, so Dallyn offered to snuggle with her last night. haha So cute.  I mean, it didn't last very long but it was cute.
     The Dog has dug up my veggie garden 5 times now... Of course, I am not happy about it.  I replanted one last time.  At least I was able to recover the green beans and pumpkins that just sprouted.  I hope they survive because the roots were pulled a little.  I guess we will see. The peas are doing great tho!  And it's a good thing because the Hubs and his boy LOVE peas!!!
The limes blossomed into a cluster!!
Peas for my boys
    So this weekend!!  I'll hopefully be finishing the wonderful little flower girl dress for my sweet friend Angie!  I will be posting pictures.  I'm excited about it.  Hopefully, the sewing machine is nice to me and won't mess up.  Please, click on one of the ads to the right to help our family raise a little money. Thank you and I hope you all have a great weekend.