Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DIY Pacifier Clip for CHEAP!!!


While updating some “wants” onto my baby registry, I came across some very cute pacifier clips.  I was amazed at the $6 + price tag tho.  Holy wow!!!  So I was determined to do it myself.

I ordered some plastic pacifier clips from Amazon.(here) They were just over $6 for 10.  I already had some cute ribbon and some Velcro circles (they are adhesive on one side)

What I did:

1.       I found an older pacifier clip from my son. I measured out some ribbon and cut it to match the length of the older clip. (I did not get a picture of this)

 2.       I passed the ribbon through the plastic clip and hot glued it into place.  I also hot glued the opposite end of the ribbon to reduce fraying and for a clean look.
Pass ribbon through hole in clip

Let glue cool a little before folding it. Avoid burns
Then fold the ribbon onto the glue
3.       Then I placed the Velcro “stickies” on the ribbon, similar to those on my model clip.  And that is all!! 
Here you see both ends are glued down. The velcro stickies are on the ribbon with some space in between
This is a completed one on an actual pacifier

A close up.  Our Little Miss is having a peacock themed room and this now matches. :)
The finished lot

4.       For the ribbon I DID buy, I paid $1 a spool.  I used that to make two (though, I could have made more with it).  So that would have been about $1.10 to make one entire clip, since I already have the Velcro circles.  They are cheaper and more personalized than the ones I have seen to buy.  I’ll be ok if one of these gets “lost” or broken, as opposed to the $6 ones.

I hope this inspired you. Go out and make something J Good luck!!

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