Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bird is NOT the word

     Last night, something got me seriously riled up.  I haven't been so excited (even in the negative way) since the Hubs has left for training.  Last Saturday, I was making dryer balls.  I found the instructions on Pinterest (of course).  I was so excited because I LOVE my dryer balls.  They cut down dryer times and that means saving money.  SO, back to the story.  When I was making these dryer balls, they weren't drying... and a horrible smell was coming from the dryer.  I figured it was the wool yarn I was using.  I just kept drying and drying and drying.
     Last night I got fed up.  The dryer hasn't been drying very well.  I got the vacuum out and pulled the dryer away from the wall.  I vauumed inside the lint trap and then undid the hose from the wall.  Without looking I just stuck the vacuum attachment into the wall and noticed something was blocking it.  I figured hardened lint. Then, a bee fell out.  Oh, no... what if that is a bee's nest?  I jumped up and OVER the dryer.  My heart raced and all I could say was Oh. MY. God. I was a mess.
     I couldn't see too well, so I took a picture with the flash on.  That's when I realized.  It was a bird. ... heart racing... freaking out... Then I grabbed the kitchen tongs and tried to be brave enough to pull him out of the vent.  I DID after about 10 minutes of panic haha.  Poor thing.  Another 4 or 5 big ol' bumble bees fell out with him.  I wrapped him in a bunch of paper towels and put him in the outside trash can.
     Using my analytical tallents I figure that he pissed off the bees.  He flew up the outside opening of the vent.  Then fell DOWN to the dryer and got stuck there and with all of the bees.  He was dead when I turned on the dryer Saturday and I basically cooked his decomposing body (hence the smell).  Now that is not a fun way to die.   My coworker said "It's like an animal kingdom murder case." 

Stuck in the wall.