Friday, March 21, 2014

Items I love this Pregnancy

I’m now 29 weeks pregnant. Woohoo!!! Time has flown by. 

I just have a few products that I wanted to share that I LOVE this pregnancy.

1.       Compression socks!! J They help keep the swelling down.  No way water retention! Momma wants to keep wearing her wedding rings. (And I have).  I can still wear my Army boots for my uniform too.  (I bought them at Wal Mart).

2.       Hazelwood and amber necklace!!
      I found this necklace Here on etsy (I bought a matching one for our Little Miss).  It has just about CURED my heartburn.  When I did my research, I read that the necklace is supposed to take a few weeks to balance the acidity in your body.  It took 3 hours to start alleviating my heartburn.  There are still times that I can feel heartburn starting, but it usually doesn’t last long. J  And as a bonus the Baltic Amber helps with headaches too.  It is wonderful! I got a 20” long one (long enough to hide in uniform but short enough to show everyone in civilian clothes).

3.       Essential Oils! Since I am allergic to Tylenol and should not take other medications while pregnant, I find myself using EOs a lot more.  I have reoccurring hip pain (from a stress fracture that never healed all of the way).  I just put a drop of Frankincense on my fingers and rub in over the spot.  It feels sooooooo much better.  The pain just melts away.  Also, my husband rubs the knots out of my back with lavender oil (and coconut oil as a base).  Not only does it feel great but it helps me to get to sleep too. So awesome.  I have DoTerra oils, but also bought some from Plant Therapy Essential Oils (buy Doterra for cheaper  Here and Plant Therapy here on Amazon).
I hope these can help others.  :)
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