Monday, July 22, 2013

Update on the Fam!

     Lately,  I have just been busy with work.  We had a ton of annual inspections.  When I'm not busy with work or the little guy, I have had time to crochet up a storm!! I made a massive baby blanket for Baby Leo.

Also one for Brantly.

One for me, for a future babe (the pink and purple didn't show up well in the picture :/ ).
Here's a better one of the pink and purple. :)

 And 2 hats for Baby Kate (NB and 3-6 mo).

     I will be starting one for my son for his 4th birthday.  He wanted red and purple but I persuaded him to red an blue since he like spiderman (they even had blue that had a little sparkle, which is fun).  He likes that idea. :)  I might make him a crocheted newsboy hat like the one above (minus the flower). :)  I have some greys and black... hmmm.
     I still have a quilt to work on for a friend and maybe a few more to do. 
     Our wedding planning is in full swing! Woot! The photographer is set, bridesmaid dresses are set, bridesmaid gifts are set, vanilla extract is being made for favors.  It's going great!  Yay! Still haven't picked a dress tho :/ haha At least the hubs has an easy out with his uniform. :)
     The little guy is still getting smarter.  He is picking up on the second language in our home (Arabic).  He runs around spelling his name all the time.  He also has me spell just about every word under the sun.  He then teaches things to his toys. :)

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