Friday, December 13, 2013

How to Make Your Own Dryer Balls

I’m not going to get into too much detail about ALL the benefits of dryer balls but here are a few.

1.       No Chemicals- like those found in dryer sheets.

2.       Cut down drying times.  And did I mention no chemicals?  Putting in tennis balls is actually NOT a good idea.

3.       No need for dryer sheets when you use the dryer balls- they soften your clothes.

Here are reasons to make them:

1.       It’s easy.

2.       It’s fun.

3.       It SAVES MONEY.

Now don’t get me wrong, I HAVE bought some before.  I thought it would take too long to make them.  I didn’t know how exactly to do it.  I was a single momma at the time, etc.  I had a ton of excuses.  So instead, I looked at some major brand dryer balls.  My sister gave me some Buddha Bunz brand ones.  They are great (and smell good too) You can buy them here.  HOWEVER, they are $11 a ball!! For a BALL!!!
So,  I turned to in search of another kind to buy. I found a store call Clean Sypria.  I bought mine from there. You can find them Here . I got an 8 pack for about $46 (including shipping)… that is roughly $6 a ball. 
Now, I bet you are thinking “well how much does it cost to make them?”  Great question!!! I spent $6.99 a skein of yarn, I got three.  This made 8 balls.  That is roughly $21 for the yarn and $2.62 a ball.  Did you read that??? $2.62 a ball!!!!!!!! And there are companies charging $11 a ball? Craziness!!  I love the Buddha bunz balls, but why spend that much if you can make it for a lot less?
Note, This was my second attempt at making dryer balls.  The first time I used 85% wool yarn because that is all I could find.  Then I covered them in shaved roving… it was a mess and didn’t “felt” properly.  The fell apart and only the roving on top felted.  It was a disaster.

WORD OF CAUTION!!! You MUST use 100% wool yarn or roving yarn for these or it will not be a success. 
  • 100% wool yarn or roving yarn
  • Cheap pair of panty hose or knee highs (I got two pairs of knee highs for 99 cents)

1.       Roll the yarn into tight balls.  When you reach the size you like (about a baseball) make it a LITTLE bigger.  This is to accommodate the shrinking that will take place in following steps.  Tuck the last bit of the yarn into the ball.

2.       Put them in the panty hose and tightly tie a knot between each one.  I tied the balls in tight so to keep their shape a little better.

3.       Put them in the washer.  Run them in the HOT cycle in a heavy wash twice.  I did not let mine rinse in cold.  I stopped the cycle once it got to the rinse.   This is the “felting” process.

4.       Take them out of the washer and mash them back into a ROUND shape.  This is a personal preference. Haha I thought the lopsided balls looked silly.  If you want them to stay lopsided and quirky, then by all means keep them that way. J

5.       Then put them in the dryer (still in the panty hose).  This is the finishing touch to the “felting.”

6.       When they are done, simply cut the panty hose and pull the balls out.  And Ta da!! You are done. 

Now wasn’t that easy?

I hope you enjoyed this post and have a happy time making your own dryer balls.

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