Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Traveling as an Exclusive Pumper and the Holidays!

     We're going to Georgia for the holidays to see my mom.  And I even pumped in public in the airport. I had Daphne in her little car seat on the wheel board drinking. Dallyn was playing and such. I just got the cover for privacy and plugged the Medela in. I kinda just didn't care.  I, of course, got a lot of smiles from strangers. haha But when guys figured out why I had my nursing cover on they moved on lol. Oh man is the struggle real!! Got contacted by the milk bank! So close to a pay check! I've donated over 30 gallons to 6 mommas so far. It'll be nice to get reimbursed for all the work. I'll be giving some milk to a local momma here before going back to Cali. 
     I got this super clog.  It has lasted for about a week. I sure broke out the Lecithin! I mean OW!! It was terrible. I also used hot rags, hot showers, slight massage/ pressure while pumping, Dangle pumping (while leaning forward)... every trick in the book.  I think since I hit the 6 month mark that my supply started to go down AND then this happened. :( I hope I still over produce in order to donate and get some moola.