Sunday, September 20, 2015

Exclusive pumping facts

     After Pumping for a year, I have felt the need to pass on some exclusive pumping facts. Nothing crazy, just a little understanding for those mommas. You are NOT ALONE!! You are doing GREAT! Your baby loves you so much. Don't give up! Don't quit on a bad day! There are others that are there that can help you and encourage you!  Mommas unite :)

1.     You will be best friends with moms you DON”T even know because you share a bond and struggle that only they will understand.  Go get in the facebook group Here!!!
2.       Sometimes, you are so tired that you fall asleep on the couch while you pump at 2 am.
3.       You WILL find the most interesting places to add to your places I’ve pumped list:
a.       At home on the couch
b.      On an Army rifle range (in a van)
c.       In the car before a race (10 k)
d.      In the car while moving from California to Louisiana (yes, while driving)
e.      In a hotel
f.        In the airport next to other people (using a cover)
g.       In a fancy bathroom by the sinks
h.      In Church
4.       Lecithin will be your best friend. It helps to empty faster and works wonders on clogs.
5.       You celebrate getting ½ an ounce more!
6.       You’ll cry when you don’t notice the tiny bottle overfills and spills on your pants while pumping
7.       You’ll cry when you don’t tighten the bottle and you spill milk on the floor, the baby or yourself.
8.       You feel bad for cows and know their pain. Haha
9.       You plan outings around your pumping schedule.
10.   You have to go pump before being intimate.
11.   You pray for more letdowns= more milk.
12.   Sometimes you start to have another letdown and then you have to poo… like REALLY poo. Oops. Haha
13.  You feel amazing when you make enough to donate to someone else or milk banks.

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Love, Ashley