Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Child Treasure Box

     My sweet husband and I have come up with a new idea.  He will be making a small box for our son.  We will be putting small gifts in it for our boy that he can have when he turns 18.  We plan on making these for every future child we have as well.
     Then he will make cedar chest (hope chest) that we will fill and give them when they either get married or graduate from college.  I love this idea!! I was looking on (yes I know) Pinterest and saw time capsules.  They gave me the idea for these boxes.  Of course, we will let him know what fun things are in it as he grows up.  Hopefully, it will give him the motivation to do good so he can get these treasures.  The first thing that will go in this box is this awesome watch.  (I found it From Black Stone Foundry on Etsy Here.  She does some great work and has great customer service.)
     For a future girl I think I'll give her my feather ring. I couldn't get it to load but I bought it on Amazon last year. (here)  I think this is so wonderful.  It's something that I know I would have LOVED as a child.  Maybe you should make one too. :)  I hope you have a wonderful day.
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