Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Breastfeeding to Pumping Exclusively

     Daphne was really good at breastfeeding.  She seemed to be perfect at it.  I just couldn’t figure out why it hurt so badly.  I mean it was a deep stabbing pain deep in my breast.  It seemed to travel under my arm pit to my back.  There were a few times when it wouldn’t hurt at all.  It was perfect! Just a slight tugging and she would get so much milk. J She was adorable.  But the pain and such got worse and worse. 

     My blood pressure started to rise.  I was having pains in my arms and losing feeling to my fingers (like my cubital tunnel syndrome).  My ankles were super swollen up to the size of softballs.  I was getting shortness of breath and dizzy.  Tyler later told me that he had checked me in the night to make sure I was breathing still.  My nerves were over reacting all over my body causing my whole body to shake in pain when she would nurse.   I knew the reason wasn’t her; I just couldn't figure it out until I started losing feeling in my hands. That was a symptom from my nerve problem before.

     So I started pumping and after a day my body was feeling a bit normal again. I immediately started producing a lot of milk. So pumping is going to be my way and freezing the milk she doesn’t need right now. This is just the beginning.

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